esports on twitch

eSports on Twitch are becoming more and more popular – tournaments and leagues of game titles break records is a streaming platform that now offers everything possible. In addition to gamers who show themselves while gaming, there are also many streamers who talk to their fans about private things or have themselves filmed while cooking.

Due to the Corona crisis, eSports have gained in importance for many people, so that more and more viewers resort to the official channels of the operators to watch exciting tournaments or online leagues. Also due to the fact that other sports are currently on pause, eSports are becoming more and more popular.

Names like „Noway4u“, Knossi„, „MNA Gaming“ or „MontanaBlack“ are among the top German stars on Twitch. While Noway provides his fans with gameplay from League of Legends, Knossi and Montanablack like to play casino once in a while and let their fans participate. In general, this scene also seems to be growing very strongly, as more and more adults now watch a casino stream on Twitch, where there is bonus information, with and without deposit, info on new slots and co.

The most popular game titles on the streaming platform

Currently, the new game from Riot is beating all pursuers. The tactical shooter from Riot Games called „Valorant“ has been heavily promoted on social media and is currently in the closed beta phase. At times, half a million viewers are simultaneously watching the offer from streamers who are currently playing Valorant on their consoles or computers.

But old-established game titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends or Dota2 and Starcraft are also still very popular on Twitch. Especially when a big tournament is coming up, numerous people watch the best teams in the world.

This is what just happened with the ESL One of the game Dota2. Actually, the event in Los Angeles had already been set, but was then cancelled anyway. Due to the current situation, however, Valve decided on an offline league, which was now played on different continents. With this quick solution, the game producer was able to satisfy its fans, even though some spectators would certainly have liked to come to the arena to see their stars live.

It is also not easy for game titles like Counter Strike or League of Legends to continue to offer the public exciting tournaments if all the players always play from their own four walls. Especially at a big tournament, fans now come from all over the world to see their idols live. The operators of the games must be commended at this time. Apart from the risk of contagion, they also pay attention to other rules that are in place in the players‘ countries.

Subscriptions, donations and bits keep streamers‘ pockets full

Many people drop by on Twitch and ask themselves why they should watch a player instead of playing themselves. In the meantime, however, there are more and more viewers, so the most popular streamers offer great entertainment and are also rewarded for it.

One reward, for example, is a subscription, which costs the viewer 5.00 euros. Part of this money goes to Twitch, while the other part goes to the streamer so that they can earn a living. So-called „donations“, where a donation is sent to the streamer, also bring in money. In both cases, the viewer can usually leave a message, which is then read out or displayed in the stream.

Another way to support the streamer is by buying so-called „bits“. These can also be donated to a person, who can then have the bits paid out.

It may be hard to believe as an outsider, but the reach and associated income of a streamer can now even put YouTube in the shade. Many of the streamers have already provided an insight into their job. Preparation, a cool head and ideas on how to entertain the crowd are required on a daily basis. Basically, a successful streamer works 10-12 hours a day before it’s time to call it a day. For special shows, it can even happen that 24 hours at a stretch are streamed.

What are the benefits of Twitch for viewers?

Many people are entertained by the streamers, so the programme on Twitch can also be compared to a TV programme. Others watch the best players on the streaming platform to learn from them.

Still other viewers just want to kill time or watch their favourite team in a tournament and cheer them on in front of their home computer.