To which genres do the best Android games in Europe belong in 2021?

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine everyday life without gaming on a mobile phone. Just a few years ago, Android gaming was the preserve of the Millennial generation, but now it is perfectly normal for young and old to play on their smartphones and tablets at the same time. Sure, because the industry is evolving rapidly. It’s not just mobile phones that are becoming more powerful and at the same time more accessible. Android games are also constantly improving and new exciting titles are added pretty much every month.

Also, many more people are realising how convenient it is to play from a mobile phone compared to traditional computers. We’ve all long since become accustomed to seeing people playing on the small screen in the underground, in a queue or even anywhere else on the go. But nowadays, many more users are also opting to play games on their mobile phones from the comfort of a sofa at home instead of turning on their laptop or desktop PC to do so.

Most popular Android game genres among European users

These are not the only changes the world of mobile gaming is experiencing today. The trends in Android games don’t stand still either, and developers are coming up with new ideas all the time to captivate players and stand up to the numerous competitors. In the process, there is also a great variety of different game directions, which are often intended for different age and target groups from the outset.

The youngest users tend to play the action genre. Whether in single or multiplayer mode, there is plenty of adventure and tough survival battles in such games. Of course, the age restrictions from the Play Store ensure that players are not too young for the wrong game. Popular titles like Lego Ninjago await the very young mobile phone users.

Other most popular Android game genres for both the younger and adult audiences include sports and strategy games. They not only deliver the purest action entertainment, but also give you something to think about. In the field of sports games, there is a very wide range of different titles simulating all kinds of sports from football to golf. Even the world-famous game series such as FIFA or Need for Speed can now be found on Android devices.

New trends in Android games in Europe – casino games on the rise

Not only the young fans of computer games find entertainment on Android smartphones these days. Puzzle games is the name of the game genre that found a lot of popularity a long time ago and is becoming more and more popular. There is probably hardly anyone who has not heard of such a famous game as 4 Pictures 1 Word. It is a nice kind of brain jogging that keeps the grey cells from falling asleep. A comparatively new genre, especially in Android titles, are the so-called endless games, in which the player is supposed to survive as long as possible.

Sometimes it is also old and well known ideas that are rediscovered for playing on the mobile phone. Another game genre that also has elements of action, tactics and of course lots of entertainment in it are the casino games. The online casino sector has grown massively recently. Games of chance have been around for centuries and of course it was only a matter of time before they were available on computers and then on mobile phones.

Notably, there are even some no account casinos you can play in using your Android phone. Even though this is not yet possible in all countries including the US, most people in the European Union can make use of mobile casinos where you don’t even need to sign up.

Whether poker, roulette, blackjack or slots – every fan of Android gaming can find something for himself here. But there is also a huge advantage that you look for in vain with other games. With casino games for Android, you can also win real money, and with just a few finger movements!