How will the online gambling market evolve in 2022 onwards

Germany is one of the most important markets for online gaming and online casinos in Europe. It is therefore not surprising that the industry always keeps an eye on the German player market in order to identify new trends and tendencies at an early stage. How to notice: Cryptocurrencies are on the rise.

Cryptocurrencies are spreading to more and more areas. The online gambling scene is no exception. Some casinos rely only on virtual currency, while others offer a mix of the most popular payment methods to satisfy all customers.

Although some governments are critical of this new decentralized payment method, it is possible to deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin at various online gambling venues. It is always important to have a valid EU gambling license to ensure that playing, depositing and withdrawing go smoothly.

Casinos without registration are on the rise

The new system of no account casinos has now reached Germany for some time. In the Scandinavian countries, the casino without account is already a firm representative in the gambling scene. The special thing, the players do not have to register with these platforms. They simply pay the desired money in and already can be turned at the rollers or gambled at the poker.

Normally, the payment service Trustly is used at the no registration casinos and no account betting sites, this takes over the further clarification of the personal data of the players when a deposit takes place. The players themselves do not notice anything about this matching, which only takes seconds. They can start playing immediately without any worries.

Internet of Things“ (IoT) trend

The general development of the so-called IoT affects all areas of life. For example, microwaves and refrigerators now store user preferences. Refrigerators, for example, detect when they become empty and send a message to the owners.

This increased online communication improves the user experience in the area of online gaming. Presets can be saved to further personalize gaming.

Virtual Reality brings the full gaming experience

Virtual reality is bringing big changes to the way games are perceived as the German new site nuernberger-blatt.de describes. With the right equipment and the technical requirements of the online casino, players are now completely immersed in the world of the casino. In the first live games in VR mode, users sit at the poker table or at roulette and follow one-to-one how the ball rolls, can interact with fellow players and the dealer.

It is also conceivable to take part in a game in one of the famous casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. How VR will develop further will become clear in the coming years. What is certain, however, is that this technology will have a decisive influence on the future of online casino gaming.

It won’t work without mobility

Mobility continues to increase. Almost everyone now owns a smartphone and uses it for Internet research, for studying or even for gambling. This also affects casinos, which pay strong attention to the usability of mobile websites. Already in 2019, mobile platforms have overtaken desktop platforms; they are accessed much more frequently.


There’s a lot going on in the online gambling scene. From digital currencies and virtual reality to casinos that completely dispense with registration, a number of trends are crucial for the future of online gambling in Germany and worldwide.