Abnehmen mit Bewegung auch im Gamingbereich

Versuchen Sie, Gewicht zu verlieren? Haben Sie ein Trainingsprogramm, das Sie durchführen, aber Sie sehen keine Ergebnisse? Wenn ja, fragen Sie sich vielleicht, was Ihr nächster Schritt sein sollte. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, Gewicht zu verlieren, und es gibt auch viele verschiedene Arten von Trainingsprogrammen, die Sie durchführen können, um Ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Der Trick besteht darin, die richtige Kombination aus Ernährung und Bewegung zu finden, mit der Sie Ihr Ziel erreichen können.

Wenn Sie abnehmen wollen, müssen Sie darauf achten, dass Sie gesunde, fettarme und eiweißreiche Lebensmittel zu sich nehmen. Sie sollten auch versuchen, zuckerhaltige Lebensmittel so weit wie möglich zu vermeiden, da sie Ihrer Ernährung unerwünschte Kalorien hinzufügen.

Viel Obst und Gemüse enthalten wichtige Antioxidantien

Darüber hinaus sollten Sie versuchen, jeden Tag mindestens fünf Portionen Obst und Gemüse zu essen. Das ist wichtig, denn Obst und Gemüse sind reich an Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen, die dazu beitragen, dass Sie sich energiegeladen und stark fühlen. Außerdem enthalten sie Antioxidantien, die helfen können, freie Radikale in Ihrem Körper abzuwehren.

Versuchen Sie auch, mageres Fleisch wie Huhn und Fisch in Ihren Speiseplan aufzunehmen. Diese Fleischsorten sind reich an Proteinen und können dazu beitragen, dass Sie sich länger satt fühlen. Außerdem können sie dazu beitragen, dass Sie Muskelmasse aufbauen und im Laufe des Tages mehr Kalorien verbrennen.

Wenn Sie mit Ihrer Ernährung nicht genug Eiweiß aufnehmen, können Sie es mit Eiweißshakes oder Eiweißriegeln ergänzen. Diese Produkte sind ideal für alle, die viel unterwegs sind und keine Zeit haben, sich hinzusetzen und eine Mahlzeit zu essen. More Nutrition hat eine breite Palette an gesunden Shakes. Wie Sie den More Nutrition Code richtig einlösen erfahren Sie hier.  Proteinshakes und -riegel eignen sich auch hervorragend für Menschen, die abnehmen und ihre Muskelmasse erhalten wollen.

Bewegung ist ebenfalls wichtig, wenn Sie abnehmen wollen. Sie sollten versuchen, dreimal pro Woche Sport zu treiben und sich dabei auf Krafttraining und Herz-Kreislauf-Training konzentrieren. Herz-Kreislauf-Training kann alles sein, vom Gehen bis zum Laufen. Beim Krafttraining können Sie mit freien Gewichten oder Widerstandsbändern trainieren.

Für welche Art von Training Sie sich auch entscheiden, Sie sollten darauf achten, dass Sie es richtig machen. Es ist leicht, sich beim Training zu verletzen, und Sie sollten sich immer von einem Fachmann beraten lassen, bevor Sie ein Trainingsprogramm beginnen. So stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie sich auf Dauer nicht verletzen.



How will the online gambling market evolve in 2022 onwards

Germany is one of the most important markets for online gaming and online casinos in Europe. It is therefore not surprising that the industry always keeps an eye on the German player market in order to identify new trends and tendencies at an early stage. How to notice: Cryptocurrencies are on the rise.

Cryptocurrencies are spreading to more and more areas. The online gambling scene is no exception. Some casinos rely only on virtual currency, while others offer a mix of the most popular payment methods to satisfy all customers.

Although some governments are critical of this new decentralized payment method, it is possible to deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin at various online gambling venues. It is always important to have a valid EU gambling license to ensure that playing, depositing and withdrawing go smoothly.

Casinos without registration are on the rise

The new system of no account casinos has now reached Germany for some time. In the Scandinavian countries, the casino without account is already a firm representative in the gambling scene. The special thing, the players do not have to register with these platforms. They simply pay the desired money in and already can be turned at the rollers or gambled at the poker.

Normally, the payment service Trustly is used at the no registration casinos and no account betting sites, this takes over the further clarification of the personal data of the players when a deposit takes place. The players themselves do not notice anything about this matching, which only takes seconds. They can start playing immediately without any worries.

Internet of Things“ (IoT) trend

The general development of the so-called IoT affects all areas of life. For example, microwaves and refrigerators now store user preferences. Refrigerators, for example, detect when they become empty and send a message to the owners.

This increased online communication improves the user experience in the area of online gaming. Presets can be saved to further personalize gaming.

Virtual Reality brings the full gaming experience

Virtual reality is bringing big changes to the way games are perceived as the German new site nuernberger-blatt.de describes. With the right equipment and the technical requirements of the online casino, players are now completely immersed in the world of the casino. In the first live games in VR mode, users sit at the poker table or at roulette and follow one-to-one how the ball rolls, can interact with fellow players and the dealer.

It is also conceivable to take part in a game in one of the famous casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. How VR will develop further will become clear in the coming years. What is certain, however, is that this technology will have a decisive influence on the future of online casino gaming.

It won’t work without mobility

Mobility continues to increase. Almost everyone now owns a smartphone and uses it for Internet research, for studying or even for gambling. This also affects casinos, which pay strong attention to the usability of mobile websites. Already in 2019, mobile platforms have overtaken desktop platforms; they are accessed much more frequently.


There’s a lot going on in the online gambling scene. From digital currencies and virtual reality to casinos that completely dispense with registration, a number of trends are crucial for the future of online gambling in Germany and worldwide.


To which genres do the best Android games in Europe belong in 2021?

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine everyday life without gaming on a mobile phone. Just a few years ago, Android gaming was the preserve of the Millennial generation, but now it is perfectly normal for young and old to play on their smartphones and tablets at the same time. Sure, because the industry is evolving rapidly. It’s not just mobile phones that are becoming more powerful and at the same time more accessible. Android games are also constantly improving and new exciting titles are added pretty much every month.

Also, many more people are realising how convenient it is to play from a mobile phone compared to traditional computers. We’ve all long since become accustomed to seeing people playing on the small screen in the underground, in a queue or even anywhere else on the go. But nowadays, many more users are also opting to play games on their mobile phones from the comfort of a sofa at home instead of turning on their laptop or desktop PC to do so.

Most popular Android game genres among European users

These are not the only changes the world of mobile gaming is experiencing today. The trends in Android games don’t stand still either, and developers are coming up with new ideas all the time to captivate players and stand up to the numerous competitors. In the process, there is also a great variety of different game directions, which are often intended for different age and target groups from the outset.

The youngest users tend to play the action genre. Whether in single or multiplayer mode, there is plenty of adventure and tough survival battles in such games. Of course, the age restrictions from the Play Store ensure that players are not too young for the wrong game. Popular titles like Lego Ninjago await the very young mobile phone users.

Other most popular Android game genres for both the younger and adult audiences include sports and strategy games. They not only deliver the purest action entertainment, but also give you something to think about. In the field of sports games, there is a very wide range of different titles simulating all kinds of sports from football to golf. Even the world-famous game series such as FIFA or Need for Speed can now be found on Android devices.

New trends in Android games in Europe – casino games on the rise

Not only the young fans of computer games find entertainment on Android smartphones these days. Puzzle games is the name of the game genre that found a lot of popularity a long time ago and is becoming more and more popular. There is probably hardly anyone who has not heard of such a famous game as 4 Pictures 1 Word. It is a nice kind of brain jogging that keeps the grey cells from falling asleep. A comparatively new genre, especially in Android titles, are the so-called endless games, in which the player is supposed to survive as long as possible.

Sometimes it is also old and well known ideas that are rediscovered for playing on the mobile phone. Another game genre that also has elements of action, tactics and of course lots of entertainment in it are the casino games. The online casino sector has grown massively recently. Games of chance have been around for centuries and of course it was only a matter of time before they were available on computers and then on mobile phones.

Notably, there are even some no account casinos you can play in using your Android phone. Even though this is not yet possible in all countries including the US, most people in the European Union can make use of mobile casinos where you don’t even need to sign up.

Whether poker, roulette, blackjack or slots – every fan of Android gaming can find something for himself here. But there is also a huge advantage that you look for in vain with other games. With casino games for Android, you can also win real money, and with just a few finger movements!


State Treaty on Gaming in Force in Germany: What Changes the Online Casino Law Brings

After long negotiations, a new State Treaty on Gaming has come into force. It mainly contains regulations for online casinos. Which points are important.

Is gambling in online casinos legal? Hardly anyone could answer this question in recent years, because the legal situation as well as different statements from casino operators, players and self-proclaimed professionals caused confusion.

The answer, by the way, is no. In Germany, online gambling was illegal (with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein). The new online casino law will now put an end to the chaos. Clear targets and measures are to regulate the market throughout Germany from July 2021 – and, at least on paper, make it a safe place for players.

1. new online casino law legalizes gambling in Germany

The new State Treaty on Gambling 2021 officially legalizes gambling nationwide for the first time. The treaty came into force on July 1, 2021. It exists between all 16 federal states in Germany and regulates the handling of casino games and sports betting. For the first time, all online casinos in Germany will have the opportunity to acquire a German license and legally offer their slot games. Likewise, players residing in Germany are allowed to register at an online gaming arcade and play for real money.

2. legal situation before: gambling was prohibited until then

The legal situation in the gambling industry has often caused confusion. While there was an official ban according to German law, people still played for real money in online gambling halls and more and more providers opened their casinos. The trigger for this was EU case law. Because according to this, gambling with luck is legal as long as there is a valid EU license. This created a supposed legal gray area, because some were of the opinion that the German law violated the European freedom to provide services and thus gambling in online casinos was allowed after all. Most casino operators are therefore based in Malta or Gibraltar and offer their casino games to German players from there. However, there are now supreme court rulings, which confirmed the ban on online gambling until the entry of the new law in July 2021 in Germany.

3. drafting and ratification of the new treaty.

As early as May 2020, the draft law for the new state treaty was submitted for notification by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. After that, the so-called standstill period kicks in. During this period until August 2020, no changes were allowed to be made to the treaty and the EU Commission and EU member states had the opportunity to comment on the new law. In order for the new legal basis to gain official validity, the draft was signed by the minister presidents of the German states and ratified in the state parliaments after the end of the standstill period.

4. the objectives of the GlüStV 2021

The goals of the new online casino law are clearly defined. The top priority is a uniform legal basis throughout Germany as well as player safety. Appropriate measures and regular controls are intended to combat fraud, manipulation, gambling addiction and crime in the gambling industry, thus making online casinos a safe place.

Prevention of gambling addiction

One of the biggest problems in the game of chance is the potential for addiction. If players do not get help, not only psychological but also enormous financial damage can be the result. For this reason, all online casino providers will have to develop a social concept in the future that promotes responsible gaming and outlines the necessary assistance to prevent and combat addiction.

Player and youth protection

The GlüStV now provides uniform rules, compliance with which is to be monitored by means of regular inspections. This aspect plays an important role, especially with regard to the protection of minors. Legalization is intended to prevent the emergence and spread of unauthorized games of chance in black markets and thus significantly increase security for players.

Fair competitive conditions through unlimited concessions

While there was previously only an official German gambling license in Schleswig-Holstein, the new online casino law allows providers nationwide to apply for a German license. As there are no restrictions on the awarding of licenses, the same conditions apply to all market participants.


The importance of colors in computer games

Colors have a great influence on people’s state of mind. Meanwhile, there are even color therapies, also called chromotherapy, which use the positive effect of colors on body and mind, because colors trigger certain emotional reactions in us.

Red, for example, is a warm color that can stand for energy, love, self-confidence and passion. At the same time, it is also a warning color – just think of the stop sign. Red is to be enjoyed in moderation, as too much can make you restless and cause stress. It is similar with other colors. Blue, for example, is calming, but can also be cold and off-putting. And green represents harmony and security, but can also be associated with jealousy and fatigue.

This is why not only interior designers and advertising agencies pay special attention to the right choice of colors used. Game manufacturers also use the psychology of colors to create a certain mood or atmosphere.

Colors as a warning

For example, if a player sees red in a video game, it is usually associated with danger, explosions, fire, etc. In action games, red blood screens are often used to indicate injuries to the player. According to a study by the University of Rochester, the color red is said to increase the player’s pulse, respiration and blood pressure, and improve their ability to react. Once the danger is averted, the red color disappears and the player experiences a sense of relief.

Colors as signposts

In many open-world games, manufacturers also use glowing objects such as doors and chests to subtly show the player the way. Such cognitive processes run in our subconscious, which is why tricks of this kind ensure that the player feels like he or she is part of the virtual world.

Colors as a mood barometer

In the 2009 title The Saboteur, the developers used colors quite purposefully. The action takes place in France during the Second World War. The areas occupied by Nazis are kept in monochromatic black and white, with the Nazi insignia glowing in a bright red. This makes these regions seem cold, forbidding, oppressive and dangerous. As the game progresses, you gradually liberate these areas, after which the warm colors return. After all, the wider the color spectrum used, the more cheerful the game also appears. Just think of games like Super Mario, for example, which are primarily intended to appeal to a younger target group.28

Game developers often use the same tricks as film producers to create certain moods. If colors are used correctly, they can make the game experience even more intense and exciting.

For further information click the link below:

how to change color of game


Are gaming boosters for on-line games useful?

Online video gaming is not only a wonderful pastime, yet is also significantly ending up being a sport itself. If you explore the topic, you can see that whatever is coming to be an increasing number of specialist and that in some cases fabulous profits are paid for winning a competition. This is also a reason that an increasing number of players try to push themselves with video gaming boosters. On the marketplace there are various boosters that all have the exact same objective and that is to concentrate the player.

Why are video gaming boosters growing?

As discussed above, the e-sports service is becoming more and more expert. Lots of video games have contracts as well as also need to bring in good positions if you can make a lot of money. In every sport where something is at stake, people try to press themselves. Usually it sticks with legal points like a booster. This is additionally the situation in e-sports. Unlike in other sporting activities, a booster is far more reliable below, because a whole lot can be achieved with focus. Even if the focus can’t be preserved for much longer than an hour with a booster, it’s typically enough since the games don’t go any type of longer.

What is the material of the pc gaming boosters?

Basically, most boosters are all practically the very same. Differences to traditional energy beverages are commonly not identifiable. The component that enables customers to maintain focus is mostly high levels of caffeine. But along with the high levels of caffeine, there is additionally a great deal of sugar. So, if you are eating numerous beverages a day, you should ensure that you reduce the sugar in the rest of your diet plan.

Just how is the top quality of the different items?

Especially if you take the boosters frequently, it is essential that the high quality is right below. So you must take care of the problem prior to buying to locate such a great item. If you have not yet discovered the right gaming booster for you, you can examine the video gaming booster on your own. If you examine the various boosters, you will certainly observe which one increases your performance the best. Because the various boosters work in different ways, you can evaluate a great deal until you have actually found the ideal one. However there are distinctions not only in the effect. Along with the effect, the active ingredients of the drink are very vital. Many boosters have a lot of sugar in them, to ensure that the high levels of caffeine can act even quicker. If you consume a lot sugar in the long run, it is absolutely not so good for the body. For this really factor, there are currently some boosters that work with replacement for the sugar. Even if the caffeine can not be absorbed so quickly without the sugar, an increasing number of players additionally use such drink. In the end, every gamer needs to decide for himself which consume alcohol or brand is the right one for him. However they all have something alike, the efficiency is raised for a particular time. Boosters all have a comparable result.


eSports on Twitch are becoming more and more popular – tournaments and leagues of game titles break records

Twitch.tv is a streaming platform that now offers everything possible. In addition to gamers who show themselves while gaming, there are also many streamers who talk to their fans about private things or have themselves filmed while cooking.

Due to the Corona crisis, eSports have gained in importance for many people, so that more and more viewers resort to the official channels of the operators to watch exciting tournaments or online leagues. Also due to the fact that other sports are currently on pause, eSports are becoming more and more popular.

Names like „Noway4u“, Knossi„, „MNA Gaming“ or „MontanaBlack“ are among the top German stars on Twitch. While Noway provides his fans with gameplay from League of Legends, Knossi and Montanablack like to play casino once in a while and let their fans participate. In general, this scene also seems to be growing very strongly, as more and more adults now watch a casino stream on Twitch, where there is bonus information, with and without deposit, info on new slots and co.

The most popular game titles on the streaming platform

Currently, the new game from Riot is beating all pursuers. The tactical shooter from Riot Games called „Valorant“ has been heavily promoted on social media and is currently in the closed beta phase. At times, half a million viewers are simultaneously watching the offer from streamers who are currently playing Valorant on their consoles or computers.

But old-established game titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends or Dota2 and Starcraft are also still very popular on Twitch. Especially when a big tournament is coming up, numerous people watch the best teams in the world.

This is what just happened with the ESL One of the game Dota2. Actually, the event in Los Angeles had already been set, but was then cancelled anyway. Due to the current situation, however, Valve decided on an offline league, which was now played on different continents. With this quick solution, the game producer was able to satisfy its fans, even though some spectators would certainly have liked to come to the arena to see their stars live.

It is also not easy for game titles like Counter Strike or League of Legends to continue to offer the public exciting tournaments if all the players always play from their own four walls. Especially at a big tournament, fans now come from all over the world to see their idols live. The operators of the games must be commended at this time. Apart from the risk of contagion, they also pay attention to other rules that are in place in the players‘ countries.

Subscriptions, donations and bits keep streamers‘ pockets full

Many people drop by on Twitch and ask themselves why they should watch a player instead of playing themselves. In the meantime, however, there are more and more viewers, so the most popular streamers offer great entertainment and are also rewarded for it.

One reward, for example, is a subscription, which costs the viewer 5.00 euros. Part of this money goes to Twitch, while the other part goes to the streamer so that they can earn a living. So-called „donations“, where a donation is sent to the streamer, also bring in money. In both cases, the viewer can usually leave a message, which is then read out or displayed in the stream.

Another way to support the streamer is by buying so-called „bits“. These can also be donated to a person, who can then have the bits paid out.

It may be hard to believe as an outsider, but the reach and associated income of a streamer can now even put YouTube in the shade. Many of the streamers have already provided an insight into their job. Preparation, a cool head and ideas on how to entertain the crowd are required on a daily basis. Basically, a successful streamer works 10-12 hours a day before it’s time to call it a day. For special shows, it can even happen that 24 hours at a stretch are streamed.

What are the benefits of Twitch for viewers?

Many people are entertained by the streamers, so the programme on Twitch can also be compared to a TV programme. Others watch the best players on the streaming platform to learn from them.

Still other viewers just want to kill time or watch their favourite team in a tournament and cheer them on in front of their home computer.


The best mobile games – 12 mobile games for iPhone & Android phone

How often do you wait your turn at the ticket counter, in the waiting room or in the supermarket queue to get your turn as quickly as possible? But just staring into the air makes waiting times feel even longer. Game apps for cell phones offer a way out. Annoying waiting times or even the daily journeys in public transport can be significantly shortened with mobile gaming. The variety of mobile games is now almost unlimited. Whether action hero, sports fanatic, strategy tinkerer or master of dexterity – there are smartphone games for every taste.

Homeescapes – From the dump to the dream villa

Content of the free games app: The lovable butler Austin is facing a serious dilemma: his beautiful old family villa has its best days long gone and therefore needs a major renovation. This is where the player’s task begins, helping Austin in the role of interior designer to restore the villa to its former glory.

To do this, the player has to solve various little logic games (so-called match 3 games), for which he receives coins. These can then be invested in chic new furnishings in Austin’s villa. In this way you can furnish the villa piece by piece according to your own wishes – for this purpose there is a huge selection with thousands of design options available. To complete the renovation work, you also solve little games in which you have to arrange three identical objects in a row of three. While you beautify the villa according to your personal taste, you will also learn new and exciting chapters and secrets from Austin’s family history.

Homescapes is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga – The adventurous smartphone game with witch Stella

In this game of skill you have to help the witch Stella to free the owls and fairies imprisoned by the evil Wilbur. This is achieved by making as many colorful bubbles as possible burst in so-called bubble-shooter puzzles – and thereby helping the owls trapped in some bubbles to freedom.

Together with Stella you travel through twenty varied chapters in the magic realm and are occasionally supported by other characters equipped with special abilities. Further variety is provided by various additional tasks. The smartphone game can be played alone or with friends over an internet connection.

The game Bubble Witch 3 Saga can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Flip Master App – The coolest trampoline tricks

Trampoline jumping is much more than just jumping. This becomes clear at the latest when you perform your first spectacular somersault or flick flack in the trampoline game Flip Master. By constantly honing your skills on the trampoline with different, customizable characters and learning new cool jumps, a real addiction factor quickly develops. Thanks to the latest graphic technologies, an authentic gaming experience quickly emerges.

New places where the trampoline is placed, as well as gradually unlockable skills and new tricks provide variety. Using so-called „power-ups“, i.e. additional objects on the trampoline, jumps become even more spectacular. The coolest tricks and moves can even be recorded to show them to friends later.

Flip Master is also available for iOS and Android.

Clash Royale – Captivating strategy battles in multiplayer game

Fancy medieval battles with strategic elements? Then the Game Clash Royale is just the thing! The game offers a real eSports experience on the smartphone. Here you fight over the Internet against real multiplayer opponents for victory. The game principle is simple and quick to learn. Two players always face each other as opponents in a virtual arena with three castles on each side. The goal is to level the opponent’s three castles to the ground or at least to inflict as much damage as possible on them – and thereby achieve victory! Players have three minutes per battle, which makes the game dynamic.

The attacks on the opponent are started with the help of card decks that the players have put together themselves beforehand. Each card stands for a specific combat unit: for example, archers, dragons or knights. When a card is placed on the battlefield, the corresponding combat unit immediately appears and attacks the opponent. The enemy will of course counter with his own units. Obstacles and special attacks make every skirmish even more exciting. For battles won, you receive rewards that unlock new combat units and special abilities. This way, motivation does not fall by the wayside.

Clash Royal can be downloaded for iPhones in the App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.

Score! Hero – The free soccer game for Smartphone

Attention soccer fans: The free mobile game Score! Hero brings the round leather to your smartphone. In more than 540 diverse levels, you kick yourself to become a soccer hero in this game. The matches are divided into individual rounds, so that you have to fight your way past the opponents with precise passes, crosses with pinpoint accuracy or powerful free kicks, round after round, up to the opponent’s goal. All that is missing now is a precise shot into the goal and victory is within reach.

In general, the smooth gameplay and dynamic 3D graphics ensure an appealing gaming experience. Additional motivation is generated by the personalization options for your own soccer player. Their appearance can be designed individually. Then you can give your player stylish soccer shoes and the matching back number. In this way, you are also visually fit for a steep career up to the virtual national team.

Score! Hero is available for download in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.69

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